COYEP - Central Otago Youth Employment Programme

The COYEP programme is a pathway to expose and engage students in learning that is not possible onsite at Cromwell College. Skills such as welding, drenching sheep, building restoration and Hydro Electrical Engineering.

Standards are delivered through a work package provided by Otago Polytechnic and facilitated one day a week by a teacher in a separate classroom. This equates to 48 Credits for the year including the 10 literacy and 10 numeracy credits.

The organisation and work placement for 1 day a week and further support is provided by Jenna Faulkner, the COYEP coordinator.

Students will need to also have a minimum of 4 mainstream school subjects in which they will gain the remainder of their credits for NCEA Level 1.

Attendance on the programme and in their classes is essential to staying in the programme. Attendance must be above 85% to retain their place in the programme.

If interested in this programme please contact Assistant Principal Sarah Hill.