Class Act 2021 Joshua Hancock

Joshua Hancock

Cromwell College head boy Joshua Hancock wants an adventurous career.

He has had many academic and sporting achievements at school.

He has also earned awards from St John Youth during his more than 100 hours of service with the Cromwell Cadets.

Last year, he attended a Burnham Defence Careers Experience course and he

plans to pursue a career in the navy.

His call to action was sparked by a peer.

His role model is George Glover, who he met at Outward Bound last year.

“Last year he was the head boy for Marlborough Boys’ College.

“He just really inspired me because he’s a really confident leader and has done a lot of charity work, especially in mental health. It has inspired me to take more action … with St John.

“I want to go into the defence force next year. I would like to do some work in New Zealand, then deploying overseas would be pretty cool,” he says.

Joshua is a sergeant/cadet leader in training and the highest ranking cadet in Cromwell’s youth division.

He competes at St John competitions and was team leader of one of the South Island teams at the nationals this year.

Fellow trainees on the Spirit of Adventure 2021 voted him their captain.

He loves the outdoors and has just one more tramp to do to achieve the gold Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award.

He took part in the Model European Union Parliament in 2018 and 2021.

He’s completed 20 hours of community service for the home and school committee (2020-21), was a founding member of Cromwell College’s academic and environmental committees (2021) and was on this year’s formal committee.

Achievements: Head boy,   prefect (2021); Cromwell College Ryans Cup for outstanding contribution to the life of junior school (2018); Bonney Trophy for public speaking (2018); Technology Award for graphics (2018); Pisa House leader year 12 (2020); NCEA level 1 (2019)  with merit; NCEA level 2 (2020)  with merit; year 12 second overall academic prize (2020); district debating junior team first place (2018); year 10 certificate with excellence (2018); top of English years 11 and 12 (2019 20); top of physics year 12 (2020); credit grade computational and algorithmic thinking exam year 10 (2018); St John cadet (2017-21); St John cadet corporal (2019); St John cadet sergeant (2021); St John Youth 100 hour award (2021); Excellence in cadet leader training (2021); Grand Priors Award (Gold Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Scout equivalent) (2021); first place senior team Central Otago  competitions St John (2019); Central Otago representative squad St John (2019, 2021); first place, team four individual test South Island regionals  St John (2019); second overall team South Island regionals  St John (2019); second place team drill nationals  St John (2021); second place team pairs one and two nationals  St John (2021); third place overall team leader nationals  St John (2021); second place overall team nationals  St John (2021); first place region nationals  St John (2021); first place Northburn 100 u-18 5km (2020); second place Northburn 100 all ages 10km (2021); Cromwell Senior Men’s Football player (2020-21); Challenge Wanaka Triathlon  (2018, 2019); Cromwell College age group athletics third place (2019, 2020, 2021); Cromwell Rowing Club member (2018, 2019, 2020); New Zealand Rowing Club Championships  (2019); South Island Secondary Schools Regatta  (2018, 2019); B.L.A.S.T. graduate (2017); Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award bronze (2019), silver (2020) and gold (in progress 2021); Outward Bound 21-day course Voyage 672 (2020); Spirit of Adventure 10-day development course, and Captain Voyage 820 (2021).

Role model: Former Marlborough Boys’ College head boy George Glover.

Hopes for the future: An officer in the New Zealand Navy.