Our elected Board consists of;

Board Chair, Greg Wilkinson – greg.a.wilkinson@gmail.com

Parent representatives;

Matt Dicey – matt@mtdifficulty.co.nz

Terry Davis – terry@highlandevents.co.nz

Michael Jones – suncrestmj@yahoo.com

Beth Phelps – bethphelps@yahoo.com

Geoff Owen – gowen@doc.govt.nz

Staff representative;  Kirtsen Dixon – kirstendixon@cromwell.school.nz

Student representative; Myah Scott – myahscott@cromwell.school.nz  The next Board elections will be in 2019. The student representatives are elected each year.

The Board meets 2-3 times each term and the dates are on our school calendar. Committee meetings for Property and Finance and Policy Self Review and Audit are scheduled prior to these meetings. 

We are currently reviewing our strategic plan and vision and welcome feedback through our Board Secretary Jan Rockliff. Please see attached documents.

Cromwell College Policies and Guidelines

Policy 1: Student Achievement

Policy 2: Strategic and Annual Planning

Policy 4: Employment

Policy 5: Property and Finance

Policy 6: Health and Safety

Policy 7: Compliance

Policy 8: Complaints

Policy 9:International Students

Policy 10: Child Protection




Cromwell College Charter 2018

Our new Strategic Plan 2018-2020

Community Action 14 August 2018