Note for full information on assessment procedures you can refer to the Cromwell College Senior Assessment Handbook or speak directly to the NZQA teacher who is Mr Streeter.



All internally assessed standards will have a clearly stated deadline. You will be given sufficient advance notice of this deadline. There is no such thing as ‘late work’. All internally assessed work must be handed in on or before the deadline. Hand in your assessment to the teacher at the beginning of the particular subject period on the deadline day or at the conclusion of the assessed practical event. If you do not meet the deadline you will receive “not achieved”. Extensions may be applied for and granted when absences are ‘school approved’ and have made it impossible or hindered you from giving the required time to complete an activity. No extensions will be given when absences are not approved. For foreseen absences, extensions must be applied for in advance. If you have a legitimate unforeseen absence from school on the day internally assessed work is due you must have written evidence of the details of your absence. You should give this to your class teacher on your return to school. The school will decide on the level of evidence required. On your return to school from a legitimate absence the work will be handed in on that day. All matters regarding assessment absences and extensions of time will be dealt with by the NZQA teacher (Mr Streeter) in consultation with the class teacher.



If your assessment fails to meet the standard your teacher has several options: You may be asked to complete a parallel style assessment (a further assessment opportunity). You may have a discussion about a simple mistake you may have made and asked to provide an oral answer or do a small piece of work to correct/complete, (a resubmission). Or given a “not-achieved” for the assessment In many cases there will be a further assessment opportunity in the internal standards of your course. Your teacher will make it clear to you when the re-sit opportunity will occur. Re-sit opportunities are scheduled by the teacher and may happen at lunchtimes, after-school or for homework. There is no further assessment opportunity for externally assessed achievement standards other than sitting the achievement standard in the following year. Certain assessments by their nature will not have a re-sit opportunity. These may include items such as field study, major research projects or practical experiments where logistics make a re-sit impossible. Your teacher will make you fully aware if a re-sit will be available. Students who have unapproved absences at key times during or leading up to assessments will not be given extensions to a deadline dates, and will not be offered a further assessment opportunity.


You may resubmit your original work for any assessment standard to the teacher if you believe that the teacher has missed some of your work, or has misinterpreted an answer or response, or has been inconsistent in relation to other students, or has mis-recorded the grade achieved. Resubmissions must be made to the teacher concerned by the end of the school day following the return of marked work. Students may make an appeal to the NZQA teacher (on the relevant form) if they still do not accept the teacher’s decision on the re-submission. Resubmissions will not be offered for a standard if the work you have handed in is well short of the mark or if your work is late.


An appeal can be made over an issue with assessed work. Appeals are most likely to concern the fairness or consistency of the marking, interpretations of the marking schedule, extensions not granted or a dispute over unacknowledged or copied work. Appeals may usually take place after the resubmission process but the student is not obliged to resubmit first. All appeals must be lodged on the relevant form within one week of the return of the assessment. You must first explain the situation to your class teacher. It is also wise to talk to the Head of Faculty of that subject before lodging an appeal.

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